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Posted on February 16, 2019
Learn about the NYC Family Lawyer who raped his client

On June 3, AtesaPacellitook the decision to speak to Peter Cedeno, a lawyer situated in New York, with all the intention of obtaining him to represent her in her separation and divorce from the woman’s extremely harmful and abusive husband, called Anthony Pacelli. Everything was good up to now, but points started getting really awkward when Cedeno started hitting upon his consumer, consistently tease with her as well as throwing compliments at the woman’s every time he saw the opportunity to do so. All of this had consequently manipulative attorney who was pressuring the girl and taking advantage of the weak as well as affected psychological situation that they was directly into in order to drive her to have sex with him. The good news is that the test is happening, lots of people decided to become against Pacelli, the actual victim, as though she had been the one to blame in this situation. This is actually sad and upsetting, because it’s the automatic of a actuality that many ladies have to go through nowadays, which is fighting for their privileges while a lot of ignorant folks just keep letting you know that there are absolutely no injustices in actuality and that everyone already has got the same rights and privileges, that is absolutely not correct, because if it had been, there wouldn’t be so many cases like this, where the one getting judged may be the woman in which got raped instead of the man that raped her.

Today’s culture is so messed up that they think that it’s correct to be able to question the one that got attacked and damaged instead of the one who caused all that damage, thus trying to indirectly transfer the actual guilt from individual to another. In Pacelli’s situation, people enjoy blind powering the fact that she was being used in order for the girl to do whatever her abuser would let her know, and they somewhat just attack Pacelli, insulting her and calling her the liar or even a drama full, amongst other dislikeable things. Individuals don’t seem to recognize that this NYC family lawyer needs to pay for what he has done in order to keep him coming from hurting other folks.

All of this being said, you can check out in order to study everything relating to this shocking Divorce Lawyer circumstance.

Posted on February 14, 2019
Do you know about Jeffrey Lichtman controvery?

Who doesn’t know who Joaquín Guzmán is, or how is better known”El Chapo”? This is unquestionably among the most well-known characters of recent times; it is recognized globally for being number one on among the most desired men on Earth. But what are the motives that made it the goal of such important bodies since Interpol and the FBI?It is said that Joaquín Guzmán was the leader of an illegal organization known as the Sinaloa Cartel, which is regarded as the largest producer and distributor of drugs in Mexico and possibly the planet. From there, they’ve moved a lot of narcotics and illicit substances to various countries on five continents. In addition to this, they handled an incredible number of weapons with which they perpetrated endless crimes.

Despite being captured on three different occasions, Guzmán managed to violate the safety of the precincts and escaped. However, in January 2016, following his final escape and long months of hunting, he was captured again. On the other hand, it could be Jeffrey Lichtman Lawyer Defendant Defendant.

In this sense, the controversy was speedy and Jeffrey Lichtman controvery within his inaugural address noted that”El Chapo” Guzmán, wasn’t the direct pioneer of the Sinaloa Cartel, because this was actually a worker of Ismael”El Mayo” Zambada, who is another drug trafficker and according to Jeffrey Lichtman is liberated because he makes bribes into the nation’s high command, confirming that the president and the past, take millions of dollars so that they don’t block the marketing activities of their drugs.Prosecutors requested the judge to dismiss the statements, however, Cogan simply warned the defense attorney his arguments were improper and misleading, so he urged the jurors to adhere to the evidence. To learn more, visit

Posted on February 6, 2019